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Brentapac International Pte Ltd is an established and trusted solutions provider in packaging supplies both locally in Singapore and internationally.

Our extensive packaging solutions include LDPE, HDPE and PP polybags, as well as laminated flexible packaging bags such as BOPP, foil, MPET, PET and even nylon.

We are constantly researching and developing technical innovations through equipment upgrades and manufacturing processes so we can provide the highest quality final products for your products and customers to enjoy.

Established since 2000, Brentapac’s success comes from our focus on delivering great customer service, cost-effective packaging solutions and high-quality products.

As part of our ongoing efforts to be environmentally friendly, we will be offering new eco-friendly and biodegradable products as well as introducing pro-degradant additives fully degradable plastics into our line of products.

Have a packaging need or questions? Proceed to contact us and let’s have a discussion about what we have to offer. Thank you.

About Brentapac

Brentapac International Pte Ltd was incorporated in Year 2000 as a Global Hub specialized in providing full range of packaging materials made of LDPE, HDPE and PP Polybags, as well as Laminated Flexible Packaging Bags such as BOPP, FOIL, MPET, PET and NYLON.

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