We utilize cutting-edge industrial machines from to produce a huge assortment of products such as t-shirt bags, merchandise bags, punch out handle bags, bags on rolls, garbage bags and even biodegradable eco-friendly bags.

Plastic Stand Up Pouch with Sprout for Liquid

Perfect for detergents, softeners, gels and also organic food. The pouch could stand on its own and even used as foldable portable water bottles.

Food Grade Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bag with Handle

The handle makes this packaging popular for heavier products such as rice as it allows easy handling of the package for your customers.

Food Grade Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bag

One of the most common packaging solutions for food and even non-food products as it ensures the product stays fresh and sealed until the customer needs it.

Food Grade Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bag with Easy Tear

Same as the commonly found vacuum packaging but with reinforced sides and an easy tear opening so customers do not need a pair of scissors to open it up.

Food Grade Plastic Vacuum Packaging Zipper Bag

Great for food products and allows the customer to reseal the product after consumption.

Food Grade Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bag with Hanging Hole

Let your retailers save on retail space and hang it at eye-level to maximise exposure to potential customers.

Laminated Plastic Vacuum Paper Bag with Side Gusset

Get creative by having a window in the bag so customers can get a sneak preview of your product, fresh in the packaging.

Kraft Brown Paper Bag with Handle

A reusable paper bag with your corporate design printed on it so when your customers carry it around, your brand gets additional exposure while being environmentally friendly.

We create customised packaging that’s perfect for your products and budget

Food Grade Plastic Packaging Box

A popular and luxurious way of packaging fruits such as apples, pears and orange. Keeps the fruits in shape while allowing full view of the product inside.

Food Grade Kraft Paper Tray

Commonly used with a clear plastic wrap for vegetables and fruits, allowing the products to have a base and some protection during delivery.

Disposable Plastic Cup with Lid

A perfect take-out cup for cold beverages with your brand’s graphic printed on it. Comes complete with a lid to prevent minor spills.

Disposable Plastic Food Container with Lid

Microwavable food grade plastic food container, great for instant food that can be prepared simply by microwave.

Mailer Plastic Poly Bag

Let your customers know when their order arrived by having your corporate graphic on a mailer bag. An e-commerce merchant necessity.

Plastic Packaging Bag for Shirt/Garments

Add a layer of protection for your fabric based products during packing or delivery. Your customers will appreciate the additional care.

Food Grade Plastic Packaging Bag with Handle & Ventilation Holes

A common approach for packing fresh fruits, the ventilation holes allow the products can “breathe”. The handle provides a convenient carrying method for your customers.

Food Grade Plastic Stand Up Pouch with Ventilation Holes

Perfect for food products that require exposure to air, packaging can be configured with any number of holes depending on the specifications.

Eco Friendly Non Woven Shopping Bag

A staple during exhibition and shows, present your visitors with a non-woven bag and see your brand being carried around the event.

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Brentapac International Pte Ltd was incorporated in Year 2000 as a Global Hub specialized in providing full range of packaging materials made of LDPE, HDPE and PP Polybags, as well as Laminated Flexible Packaging Bags such as BOPP, FOIL, MPET, PET and NYLON.

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